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Straight bar barrier manufacturers

2020-10-28 15:00:04
Straight bar barrier manufacturers


1. Fast pass function

Each channel can enter and exit, greatly improving the utilization rate of the equipment. During peak periods, a single channel can pass about 70 people per minute, and a dual channel can pass more than 150 people per minute, without congestion. Even if an accident occurs, it will not affect evacuation. (For the long-distance automatic card swiping system, the staff only needs to carry the card on the body or in the bag, without actively swiping the card, they can pass naturally, humanized, fast and convenient, and have corresponding card sets for the current users. Only The remote card of our channel system needs to be put in, and the personnel can be recognized normally by just hanging on the body.)

Straight bar barrier manufacturer

2. Prevent trailing

When an outsider is behind the person of the unit, the system can also accurately identify the illegal person, and the system can alert the person, and prevent the person from the unit from going out without registration.

3. Two-way entry and exit, automatic direction recognition

Each channel can enter and exit, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the equipment. When personnel pass, the system will automatically identify the direction of entry and exit. The manufacturer of the straight bar barrier provides more accurate data for the manager, and it can also prevent people from entering Go out immediately.

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