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Straight bar barrier manufacturer

2020-10-28 14:59:57
Straight bar barrier manufacturer

Straight pole barrier manufacturer overview function:

Anti-pinch function: Install multiple pairs of infrared detectors near the area where the gate rod moves. When a person or object is detected in the anti-pinch area, the gate rod automatically stops moving; the gate rod will not continue to move until the person or object leaves the anti-pinch area.

Intelligent alarm function: including illegal intrusion, reverse intrusion, trailing pass, power-on self-check and other alarms, can be linked with other alarm monitoring equipment, and the alarm mode and parameters can be set through software.

Power-off and gate-opening function: When the power is off, the system will automatically drop the pole to facilitate the evacuation of people and meet the fire protection requirements.

Power-on self-check function: The device will announce voice when it is powered on or restart, it will automatically detect whether the function is normal, and it will give an alarm when it finds an abnormality.

Straight bar barrier manufacturer

Passage indication function: LEDs are installed at the front of the box to indicate the passage status and direction, and remind pedestrians.

Pass mode: The direction of entry and exit can be independently set to [Remote/Wireless Controlled Pass], [Free Pass], [No Pass], [Only in but not out], [Only out and not in] Visualization mainboard, Debug according to actual needs.

Counting function: the built-in main board has a counting function to count the number of people entering and exiting.

Pass memory function: When more than 2 legal pass signals are given at the same time (including the same direction and reverse direction), the system will memorize all pass requests and complete each pass action in turn.

Extended functions: external ID, IC card, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, finger vein recognition, QR code, barcode recognition, ID card recognition, mobile phone APP opening, human body integrated anti-static equipment, security gate, visitor system, human Identification system, etc.

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