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License plate recognition machine

2020-10-28 15:00:36
License plate recognition machine

The license plate recognition integrated machine is adopted to enhance the width and depth of license plate recognition. Can recognize the high-definition license plate more clearly.

Its main features are as follows:

With extremely high processing capabilities, it can recognize and process all the images during the course of the vehicle, without relying on a single picture, effectively improving the equipment's ability to adapt to complex environments

The software adopts professional high-definition license plate recognition software architecture, which is convenient for users to operate and use.

Advantages of license plate recognition

"License Plate Recognition" is undoubtedly the most intelligent and convenient parking management technology.


1) For the management of fixed vehicles, "license plate recognition" has the following advantages:

Completely solve the situation of "card management" with multiple cars per card;

Completely solve the situation that the card is not carried in the "card management";

Completely solve the "card management", card replacement and replacement work caused by card loss;

Completely solve the work of card replacement and card replacement caused by card damage during "card management";

Thoroughly solve the communication work of card installation and placement when "card management";

Other problems stemming from the card;

2) For temporary vehicle management, "license plate recognition" has the following advantages:

Thoroughly solve the phenomenon that the toll collectors squeeze money in the "card management";

Completely liberate toll collectors from manual card issuance, and only need to be responsible for collecting money-even if it is equipped with an entrance card issuance machine, it often requires someone to help transfer the "temporary card" between the "entry card issuance machine" and the "temporary car" , Often deviated from the "initial purpose of saving human resources." Because the parking distance of temporary vehicles is often far away from the card issuer, this is a subconscious and normal reflection of people's fear of hitting the card issuer and barrier;

Thoroughly solve the situation that some temporary vehicles were mixed out of the parking lot during the "card management", and the management lost the temporary card and parking fee;

Completely solve the situation where individual fixed vehicles maliciously remove temporary cards when entering the venue, causing the continuous loss of temporary cards;

Thoroughly solve the problem of limited card capacity of the entrance card issuing machine;

Other problems stemming from the card;

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