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Smart all-in-one

2020-10-28 15:00:23
Smart all-in-one

The intelligent integrated machine barrier gate, also known as the barrier gate, is called Barrier Gate in English. It is a channel entrance and exit management equipment specially used for restricting motor vehicles on the road. It is now widely used in highway toll stations, parking lots, communities, and the entrances of enterprises and institutions. To manage the entry and exit of vehicles.

The functional characteristics of the intelligent license plate recognition barrier machine

Smart all-in-one

Integrating license plate recognition, barriers, display and voice prompts, car detector is a 2 million high-definition license plate recognition camera, leading deep learning + big data algorithm technology to support model recognition, new energy license plate recognition, can identify 1600 types of vehicle models, support mobile Payment, cashless, unmanned parking supports offline management,-key lock car, 4G module expansion.

There are three common control methods for doors:

Control handle, online control;

Wireless remote control, common 433MHz wireless remote control handle;

External system control, this method is also more and more adopted, such as the automatic release system of electric doors through the embedded control system or computer control, the computer automatically recognizes the vehicle number plate and automatically opens the door.

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