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Manufacture straight bar barrier

2020-10-28 14:59:47
Manufacture straight bar barrier

Straight pole barrier equipment product introduction:

1. Pure copper three-phase high-power motor does not need to worry about overheating and shutdown;

2. Adjustable speed of landing rod 1S-10S;

3. The encoder angle limit is accurate; 

Manufacture straight bar barrier

4. The turnstile has large torque, low noise, and will not overheat;

5. The main controller adopts Renesas special INV chip processor vector frequency conversion technology, stepless speed regulation makes the inertia of the rod take-off and landing stable

6. The main frequency fall is adjustable from 10Hz to 130 Hz;

7. The left and right fixed directions can be interchanged arbitrarily, and the operation is simple and convenient

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