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Barrier straight rod

2020-10-28 14:59:40
Barrier straight rod

Conveniently set up remote control

The pairing of remote control and barrier is simple, fast and convenient. After the remote control with different address codes is paired with the main control board, it can control the barrier ‘up’, ‘fall’ and ‘stop’, and the operation and maintenance is more convenient.

Quick pressure plate installation

The pressure plate installation method is stable, convenient and fast.

Easy to get up and down when power off

Equipped with a hand-cranked device that is easy to operate. When the power is cut and the lever needs to be raised and lowered, the lever can be manually operated by turning the crank.

Barrier straight rod

High-strength barrier

High-strength national standard aluminum alloy material, high-quality 50 cm wooden block is stable, can resist super strong wind without breaking.

Can be installed with plastic strips and light strips

1. Adhesive strips can be added to the barriers of the road gate to buffer against smashing

2. The road gate pole can be equipped with light strips, which have more obvious instructions at night

Optional yellow and black rod

Yellow and black square poles can be used for sensitive road gates

Traffic light function can be added

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