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How to avoid damaging the shell of aluminum barrier gate case? What operations should be paid attention to during processing?

2020-09-28 15:20:04

How to avoid damaging the shell of aluminum barrier gate case? What operations should be paid attention to during processing?

As we all know, the aluminum shell is used to protect the product shell, so care must be taken to prevent damage to the aluminum shell during processing. So how to avoid damaging the aluminum shell in the actual production process? What operations should be paid attention to during processing?

1. Transform stamping equipment to improve production safety and reliability. At present, there are many unsafe factors in the control systems and electrical control systems of many old stamping equipment. If they continue to use the corresponding technological transformation. Manufacturers of stamping equipment should improve product design to ensure the safety and reliability of stamping equipment.

Aluminum chassis shell

2. Reform process, mold and operation method to realize manual operation. For mass production operations, mechanization and automation can be achieved by modifying the process and molds. For example, the use of automated, multi-station stamping machinery, the use of multiple tools and mechanized production equipment to enter and exit the equipment, the use of continuous molds, composite molds and other combined process measures. All these not only ensure the safety of the stamping operation, but also greatly improve the production efficiency.

3. Install protection devices. Due to the small output, safety protection devices must be installed in stamping operations that are neither automated tools nor safe stamping tools to prevent injury accidents caused by operating errors. Various protection devices have their own different characteristics and scope of application. If used improperly, injuries can still occur.

Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the role of various protective devices to ensure correct operation and ensure safe operation.

Pay more attention to the above three points in the aluminum shell processing and production process, which can prevent and improve production efficiency and avoid damage to the enterprise. In fact, for those who are familiar with aluminum enclosures, aluminum enclosures must be more careful not only in the production process, but also when using them. For example, when an aluminum case is applied to a power supply case, the power supply case has some differences in material requirements for different occasions. For example, the use of aluminum alloy casings, which are mainly used in the electronics field, can effectively reduce the possibility of accidents.

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