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The main structure of the parking barrier system includes the barrier enclosure

2020-09-21 19:18:12

The main structure of the parking barrier system includes the barrier enclosure

Barrier enclosure enclosure: After pickling, phosphating, electrostatic spraying polyester powder, enter the 295℃ high-temperature drying room, and then undergo surface treatment processes such as thermal melting for more than two hours to obtain excellent weather resistance, scrubbing resistance, and UV resistance. Unfading performance.

Integrated movement: The movement integrates four major parts such as worm gear reducer, torque converter, spindle support, and main bracket. Use 45#

After the integral precision casting of steel is formed, it is processed and formed at one time by a large CNC machining center, which greatly reduces the number of internal parts and greatly improves the overall reliability of the equipment and the consistency of batch quality. This process is almost unavailable in similar products, creating a precedent for mass production of high-quality and high-priced barrier gates.

The main structure of the parking barrier system includes the barrier enclosure

Frequency conversion motor: NdFeB rare earth permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion speed self-encoding motor. The speed of the motor can accurately follow the change of the input frequency, and the torque is constant when the speed changes greatly. Compared with other commonly used motors under the same power and speed, its starting impulse current and volume are the smallest, but its torque is 2 to 3 times that of other motors, and when the motor is locked for a long time, the working current of the motor is not Will rise. Therefore, the lifting of the gate rod can be very stable, and the time-consuming of opening (or closing the gate) can be accurately controlled, theoretically about 1/1000 seconds, and the motor will not be damaged under any circumstances (excluding overvoltage usage).

Stroke control system: The unique mechanism composed of the encoding positioning system and the above-mentioned self-encoding variable frequency motor eliminates all the existing mechanical, photoelectric, electromagnetic and other travel switches, and realizes the automatic learning, memory and repair of the stroke. There are no parts that need adjustment, maintenance, and possible damage.

Moment balance mechanism: A unique balance mechanism is used to easily balance a horizontal railing with a length of 1-6 meters or a curved arm railing with joints using only one spring.

Electrical control unit: a highly reliable, highly integrated control system with microchip as the core. In addition to the integrated infrared code controller, airbag sensor controller, torque sensor, infrared beam controller, ground sensor controller, all solid-state motor drive controller, gate motion position controller, power supply system and tuner.

Optional devices: pressure radio wave anti-smashing device, remote control device, infrared detection and protection device or ground sensing detection and protection device, ID/IC card intelligent parking lot management system and other configurations.

The above is an introduction to the main structure of the parking barrier system. I hope everyone can better abide by the rules of the parking barrier system after understanding, and at the same time better apply it in life.

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