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Briefly introduce the enclosure of the barrier

2020-09-21 19:18:12

Briefly introduce the enclosure of the barrier

Many people don't understand what the barrier enclosure enclosure means. Today, let us take you to learn some information about barrier enclosure enclosures!

Barrier gates equipped with barrier gate shells are also called car stoppers. They were originally introduced from abroad. They are specially used for entrance and exit management equipment for restricting motor vehicles on roads. They are now widely used in highway toll stations and parking lots to manage and manage vehicle passages. , Used to manage the entry and exit of vehicles.

Briefly introduce the enclosure of the barrier

The electric barrier equipped with barrier housing can realize the landing lever separately through wireless remote control, or it can be automatically managed through the parking lot management system (ie IC card swipe management system). The admission card is taken and the vehicle is released. When leaving, the parking fee is charged. After that, the vehicle is automatically released. According to the place where the barriers are used, the gate poles can be divided into straight poles, 90-degree curved poles, 180-degree folding poles and fences.

There is so much information about this barrier gate shell. If you have friends who need this barrier barrier shell, you can contact us for detailed consultation!

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