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Manufacturing method of a new type of barrier housing case

2020-09-21 19:18:12

Manufacturing method of a new type of barrier housing case

Patent name: A method for making a new type of barrier enclosure

Technical field:

[0001] The present invention relates to the technical field of barrier gates, in particular to a new type of barrier gate case.


Background technique:

Because the barrier is usually set outdoors, it is easy to damage or scratch the barrier case during use. The existing barrier gate enclosures are usually made of cast iron or iron sheet. When the barrier enclosure is scratched, it is easy to rust and make it unsightly. At the same time, because the barrier enclosures are integrally formed, as long as the barrier enclosure has problems It is basically impossible to repair and can only be replaced as a whole; and the chassis is integrated, and it is difficult to install related control or transmission components inside the chassis, resulting in low assembly efficiency.

Contents of the utility model The main technical problem solved by the present utility model is to provide a new type of barrier enclosure, which can prevent the integrated enclosure from affecting assembly efficiency, and can be partially replaced when the enclosure is damaged, reducing maintenance costs. In order to solve the above-mentioned problems, the present invention provides a new type of barrier gate case. The new type barrier case includes a case body, an upper cover and a case base fixed in cooperation with the case body, and the case body includes at least four interlocking gears. The lower and upper parts of the baffle are respectively provided with a chassis base and a fixing plate, wherein the fixing plate is arranged between the baffle and the upper cover, and the fixing plate is fixedly connected to one end of each baffle by a bolt , The bolt at the other end of each baffle is connected and fixed with the chassis base.

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